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Save £  compared with reloading a Travelex Euro card at an airport

Compare our exchange rates to others in the market. Although many providers advertise 0% commission, their fees are hidden in their less than competitive rates of exchange. For a better deal, simply order a Euro Currency Card, to take advantage of our fantastic rates, giving you plenty more spending money than many of the competing brands.


Non-easyJet rates updated 18 Apr 2019 10:31 AM * Travelex rate is the rate for reloading your Travelex Cash Passport at a Travelex airport outlet.

When you use your UK bank debit or credit card overseas, you may be subject to a number of fees and commissions, and you may receive an inferior Foreign Exchange rate compared to the rate offered on the Euro Currency Card. The card allows you to spend at the rate at which you loaded your card, and with full transparency over all fees and charges.

Prepaid Card Issue fees £5.95 when loading under £100
FREE when loading £100 or over
Purchases from merchants (made in Euros)FREE
Purchases from merchants (in a currency other than Euro)FREE
An FX out of currency fee will apply see below
ATM fee* (withdrawal made in Euros)FREE
ATM fee (outside of the Eurozone)**FREE
An FX out of currency fee will apply see below
FX out of Currency Fee (when the card is used outside of the Eurozone)**3.5%
Cash over the counter at banks & bureau de change1.5% (min €6.25) per withdrawal
Card load fees:
Debit Card
Credit Card

Service fees – monthly feesFREE
Re-issue PINCalls charged at 10p per minute from a BT landline, calls from mobiles may be higher
Customer services telephone callsCalls are charged at your standard network rate.
Standard delivery (normally 3-5 working days)FREE
Lost / stolen and expired replacement cards€7.20
Account closure/Redemption Fee£10.00
Management Fee for Expired Cards£1 per calendar month payable 12 months after expiry
Administration Fee£10.00
Card Expiry60 months
Minimum and Maximum loads allowedMinimum load €60
Maximum €8,000
Maximum card balance €8,000
Number of loads allowed in period2 per day, 8 per month or 72 per year
Value of loads allowed in period€8000 per day, €16000per month or €30000 per year
Number of purchases allowed per day30
Value of purchases allowed per day€8,000
Number of cash withdrawals allowed per day3
Value of cash withdrawals allowed per day€625
Value of cash withdrawals allowed per month€16,000
Value of purchases allowed per month€16,000
* Some ATMs may charge an additional fee which is beyond our control. This fee should be shown to you before you confirm the transaction.
** Eurozone countries: Any country that uses the denominated currency (Euros), or any merchant who performs a transaction in Euros.