The Euro Currency Card combines convenience, safety, simplicity, and is a great cost effective alternative to Cash, Credit and Debit cards and Travellers Cheques.

Why it’s better value than a Credit or Debit card

Debit and credit cards conversion rates are often extremely poor, with many travellers unaware of just how low the exchanges are, and how other fees can sometimes be hidden such as ATM fees or when you buy things from shops and restaurants.

Great for budgeting. It's really easy to overspend with a credit or debit card and to run up additional costs of going overdrawn or exceeding your credit limit. The great thing about our Euro Currency Card is that you transfer money to your card before you travel, which can really help you to budget and makes it easy to manage your holiday money. You can also transfer more money onto your card while you’re on holiday, online.

An alternative to travellers cheques

Convenience. Travellers cheques can be cumbersome and inconvenient and just haven't moved on with the way we live today. To buy travellers cheques you need to visit a bank, or a bureau de change whereas our Euro Currency Card can be loaded online 24/7, 365 days a year.
You can’t use your travellers cheques or converted Euros to spend online as you can with your Euro card. When you arrive on holiday, you can often waste time waiting for banks to open or looking for somewhere to convert travellers cheques, whereas the Euro Currency Card can be used as soon as you arrive, and is accepted wherever you see the Visa sign.

Easy money management. Conversion rates from travellers cheques into cash are often poor and fluctuating rates mean you never really know how much money you'll have to spend on holiday. With our Euro Currency Card, the rates are fixed at the time you transfer money to it, so you don’t have to worry about fluctuating rates while you’re away, and you know how much holiday money you have spend.

Safety. Our card uses the latest Chip and PIN technology, so you don't have the issue of carrying lots of cash around, losing or damaging paper travellers cheques.

A better exchange rate than high street bureau de changes

More spending money. Often high street bureau de changes offer poorer exchange rates than the Euro Currency Card. Our card offers a low and highly competitive exchange rate which means you'll have more holiday spending money.

Secure and in control. If you want to convert any cash back using a high street bureau de change, you will suffer their poor exchange rates twice. With your Euro Currency Card, your money can be kept on it for your next holiday, used online, or in the UK.

With a Euro Currency Card, if your card is lost or stolen, so long as it’s blocked straight away and you haven’t told anyone your PIN number, your money will be protected, and we’ll send you a replacement card.

Compare us to the competition

Great value. When comparing our Euro Currency Card with the competition, you’ll find that we offer one of the best exchange rates in the market.

When ordering over £100 worth of Euros, you will get the card for FREE, there are no transaction fees and there are no ATM fees for withdrawing cash. Many competing brands will charge for one or more of these.